Medical Checkup

One-day course

One-day Course:JPY46,750 (inc. Tax) from April 1, 2023

Physical examination, Blood pressure, Physical measurements (Height, Weight, BMI, Abdominal girth), Resting ECG, Pulmonary function test, Funduscopic exam, Visual acuity test, Audiometry, Chest X-ray, Abdominal Ultrasonography, Blood and Urine test, Fecal occult blood, Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy or Barium Study of Stomach.

Contents of Blood & Urine test

< Blood test >

HbA1cFasting Blood Glucose

< Urine test >

ProteinGlucoseUrobilinogenOccult bloodPh
  • Please get advice from your doctor about your medicines if you are under medication
  • Contents may be different depending on the contract if you apply via company/institution or Health insurance association.

Optional Examinations

(inc. Tax)

Cerebral and Cerebra-vascular Exam. Head MRI/MRA JPY22,000
Cerebral Exam. Head CT JPY17,600
Pulmonary (Lung) Exam. Chest CT JPY17,600
Upper viscera Exam. Upper abdominal CT JPY17,600
Arteriosclerosis Check PWV/ABI JPY2,200
Bone Density X-ray JPY5,060
Helicobacter pylori Serum pylori antibody (blood test) JPY2,530
Breast Cancer Exam. Mammography, Ultrasonography JPY11,110
Uterus Cancer Exam. Pap smear JPY4,400
Prostate check PSA (blood test) JPY3,080
Tumor Marker CA19-9 (blood test) JPY3,190
CA125 (blood test) JPY3,190
CA15-3 (blood test) JPY3,190
Parasite examination Stool test JPY715
Fecal culture test Fecal pathogen test JPY3,520
Sputum test Sputum cytology JPY4,730
Eye pressure test JPY1,540
HA antibody test Hepatitis A test JPY2,200
HIV antibody test (Result will be handover) JPY4,400
Blood type test ABO blood type JPY2,200
Allergy test Blood test(39 Items) JPY10,450
sd-LDL cholesterol Blood test(Ultra-bad cholesterol) JPY4,950
Translation fee Result in English JPY3,300

Horizontal Scrolling

  •  * Optional examinations are only for One-day course, Two-day course, Lifestyle related disease course and Basic course.