Preventive Injection Fees

Preventative Injection Fees

Hepatitis A: First time: 7,460yen, Second time: 5,570yen
Hepatitis B: First time: 5,990yen, Second time: 4,100yen
Rabies: First time: 6,300yen, Second time: 4,410yen
Japanese Encephalitis:) First time: 4,770yen, Second time: 3,130yen
Influenza: First time: 4,540yen, Second time: 2,560yen
Rubella: 6,330yen
Rubella: (Gynecology, women who may be pregnant) 10,320yen
Mumps: 10,330yen
Varicella (Chicken Pox): 7,350yen
Measles 89 months or younger (7 and half years old): 6,870yen
90 months or older: 6,330yen
Tetanus: First time: 3,850yen, Second time: 2,210yen
Tetanus / Diphtheria (DT): First Period: 3,690yen, Second Period: 3,070yen
Diphtheria: 3,780yen
DPT triple injection
(Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough)):
First time/Additions: 3,820yen, First Period,
Second/Third Times: 1,870yen
Cholera: 1,580yen
Pneumovax: 5,950yen
Tuberculin: 1,050yen
As of January, 2006.